Troubleshoot MSN Sending & Receiving Email Problems

MSN stands for Microsoft Network and mainly offers free email services. Microsoft is a trusted company running for many years all over the world.  The users create their MSN account for their work to receive emails and send emails. But sometimes you will realize the problem occurs in receiving and sending emails. This problem will create more problems because if you can’t send any emails, then it might interrupt you in
ongoing work. So it is important to fix this issue to continue with the process of sending and receiving emails. There may be various reasons for MSN mail not working. Like if you are not connected to the internet for the email process, then it won’t work.

Step 1: Make sure your internet connection is on.

  • First of all, open any web browser, and enter, and press the enter button.
  • Ensure that the Google page appears, then type some keywords in the search box and search it by hitting the enter button. 
  • Now see whether search results come up.

slow and frequent internet connection may cause the internet to drop and reconnects please fix internet random drops issues.

Step 2: Check whether work offline is toggled

  • Firstly, visit the Microsoft Outlook.
  • Once check the Outlook window. At the bottom, if it mentions Disconnected or Working offline, then Outlook is disconnected to the Internet. 
  • On the top, locate the Send/receive tab and click on it. You have to simply click on Work Offline.

Step 3: Check for updates

  • Go to the Start menu in your Windows and click on the Settings option.
  • Tap on the Update and Security option.
  • Then on the further page, Tap on the Windows update option on the left side, then tap on the “Check for updates” on the other side. 
windows update
  • Once you click on the check for updates, it will start checking. Once it get finished, it will automatically download and install all the recent updates.
  • The PC may also prompt and ask you to restart the system. Once you get this, you have to do it as it will only complete the update process.

Step 4: Restart and Install the update

  • Visit the Start menu, and tap on the Power button.
  • Then click on the “Restart” or “Update and Restart” (It appears when there is any updates available) option.
  • It will start the restart process by closing all the running programs, continue pending updates, and start.

Step 5: Outlook settings

  • First of all, Visit Outlook.
  • On the top side of the Outlook, tap on the File menu.
  • From the Info, Click on Account settings and again Account settings below.
  • Tap on your email from the list and click on change which is on the top.
  • Now double-check the details you have and also test them.

Step 6: Check below Windows settings

Check Date & Time

  • Open the Start menu, and go to the settings option.
  • Tap on the Time & Language option.
set date time
  • Tap on the “Date & Time” option that you will find on the left side. It is best to enable the option of “Set time automatically” and ensure that you have set the “Time zone” properly. Also, don’t forget to turn on the option of “Adjust for daylight saving time automatically”. After all, check the time on the top whether it is showing properly or not.

Ensure the Country or Region you have put is correct

  • Go to the start menu and click on the Setting option.
  • Tap on Time & language.
  • Go to the region tab on the left tab, and select the correct country from the list under the “Country or Region”.

Ensure the mail app allow the access my calendar

  • Open the Start menu, and go to the setting option.
  • Click on the Privacy option.
  • Scroll down till the option of App Permission appears. From there, select Calendar and enable the option of “Allow apps to access your calendar” if it is off. Even turn on the option of Mail and Calendar on the bottom.

So, these are the steps to solve the problem of MSN email sending and receiving. Most people have used this method to solve this problem. I hope you found the article helpful and got an effective solution.

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