How to remove MSN from internet explorer

How to remove MSN from internet explorer

MSN Homepage sometimes creates problems, which is why the users want to remove their homepage from the internet explorer. If you seek the techniques to learn how to remove the MSN from Internet Explorer, you are lucky in that case. Removing the MSN Homepage is not too tough at all. In the post, a kind of tutorial is present in front of you to let you know how to remove the homepage from the Internet.

Remove the homepage without the use of any software.

The below-mentioned instructions will help you to know removing the MSN Homepage addon. The steps we will elaborate on will work on Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Edge. These steps will work on every version of the Windows Operating System. The tips are:

Uninstall the PUPs via MS Windows Control Panel

Check the installed application in your system, and remove the unwanted and unknown applications and software. Sometimes there are a few software and application automatically downloaded into the system with spelling errors and all; you must delete those applications and software.

uninstall ms software

The malware might download these apps and software, and that’s why one should delete it for sure. Go to the control panel, and then click on ‘Uninstall a program.’ Scroll down the list, and then delete the suspicious and unknown programs.

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Remove MSN from Chrome

Now the user needs to run and reset the web-browser tool of chrome. Reset the start page, new tab page, and default search provider into the original defaults. Use this tool for the removal.

It is a handy tool to use in the case of operating over an internet browser. Click on the “Show advanced settings” by scrolling down. Scroll down and go to the Reset Settings, and click on that.

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Remove MSN from Internet Explorer

To restore the web browser’s new tab page, start page, and search provider by default, the user must reset the Internet Explorer. Launch the Internet Explorer, click on the button designed like the gear. Now click on the ‘Internet Options’ shown in the Tools drop-down menu.

reset internet explorer
  • Now Click on Advanced Tab and then
  • Click the Reset button in the “Internet options.” Internet will show you the “Reset Internet Explorer Settings” window.
  • Time to select “Delete Personal Settings: and later on choose the Reset button. Make sure to reboot the system before running over the system.

How to Remove MSN from Firefox

If you want to delete the MSN Homepage from Mozilla Firefox Web Browser, you need to perform the Internet Browser Resetting. Now launch firefox, and click over the three horizontal buttons positioned at the right corner.

  • Click over the drop-down menu positioned on the right corner of the Internet Browser.
  • Click on the Help Button mentioned below.
  • Go to the troubleshooting option given in the Help Option.
  • Now click on the “Refresh Button” positioned in the upper right corner.
  • the confirmation page will be displayed, and then click over the ‘Refresh Firefox’ button.
  • The Mozilla Firefox will itself resolve the problem, which happened by the MSN Homepage Extensions. When things get done, then time to click on the ‘Finish’ button. Use the system in the way you wanted to use, but make sure to restart the system again.

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Final Words:

If your agenda is to remove the MSN Homepage from Internet Explorer, then you can use the guide elaborate right above. Make sure to follow the guide appropriately because if you miss anything, it will create a problem, and the system will now remove the homepage of MSN.

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