How to Fix Msn Homepage Is Not Loading?

Almost 90-95% of users have been moved to Windows 10 & it seems to work now after years of updates & hard work by the windows team but some issues are just there simply because we don’t pay enough attention to the optimization of our computers. Let’s Find the exact Cause behind your MSN Homepage Loading problems.

Honestly, there are many issues that you could solve using this Guide such as 

  • Pictures Don’t Load While Msn Homepage is Loading
  • Msn Homepage is Stuck & Freezing 
  • Msn is Blocked & won’t Open 

Steps to Fix Msn Not working Problems- 

First, perform Basic Troubleshooting Before making any changes 

  • Check the Internet Speed On your computer if it’s slow
  • Clean the Temporary Internet Files & Cookies of Computer
  • Run a Full Virus Scan for Any Malware Or virus infection.
  • Msn is Stuck on Homepage & Not Responding
  • Disable the Pop Up Blocker 
  • Reset the Internet Browser

Internet Speed Problem-  

With Slow internet connectivity it’s Natural that Your Internet Will Work Slow Or Maybe It Will take forever to load the MSN Homepage However it’s Not the Only Thing That can cause the issue so after checking the Internet Speed Please Read the Post till Very Last.

How to Remove Temporary Internet Junk Files – 

When we Browse the internet or Stream the Video Online Each time Websites Store Cookies or Temp Files such as login, password, features so that storage may cause trouble While Loading Msn Pictures Or Homepage.

  1. Click On The Windows Icon at the Bottom Left of Your screen & Type Run Or Press Windows + R On Your Keyboard.
  2. Type %temp%  and Press Ok 
  3. Select all Files and delete Them at Once. Empty the recycle bin

Restart the Computer & Try Loading MSN Homepage.

Remove Unwanted Extensions & Plugins –

While Browsing the internet Or Downloading Stuff over the internet sometimes you Get Browser Extension & Plugins glued to your internet Browser & they may start acting weird. Any Unwanted extension can Act Like Spyware Or It Could change the Browser Settings According to Its Desire. It may create Redirects to Malicious Websites or Slow Down your Browser. It could Inject Unwanted ads Or Alter the Search Results. It’s Really Important that One Must Remove all these Unwanted Plugins Out of Browser.

For Internet Explorer – 

  1. Open your Internet Explorer and Click on Settings Icon at the Right Hand Top of your
  2. Browser Click on manage add ons then a pop up will appear 
  3. Under Toolbar & Extensions, it will show you all extension & plugins that have been installed on the Browser 
  4. You Can Select & Disable the Ones you Don’t recognize (Ask a Tech For Help )
  5. Exit the Browser & Try opening the Msn 

One Can use the same Option to change the default Search Providers at their Browser. Just look below of toolbar & extensions 

For Google Chrome –  

  1.  Open the google chrome & click on the Icon that Looks like 3 Dots in a Row at the right-hand top of your Browser 
  2. From Here With google chrome you got 2 options to reach at extension either you can click on settings Or Go to More Tools 
  3. Disable Or Remove the extension that you think of as Unwanted 

check out specific Guide On msn not working on google chrome

For Mozilla Firefox – 

  1. Open the firefox & click on 3 small Lines right-hand top Corner 
  2. Go to add on and select Extensions.
  3. Disable & remove any third part unwanted plugin or extension causing Trouble.

Hope you Understand Now how to remove an Unwanted extension from Browser. for any users who play games & if games not loading then try these steps.

Now once you are through with the option Please Restart the computer & try Opening Msn Homepage again & We Hope Msn Pictures Do Load this Time.

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